Kennedy Space Center – FAQ’S

Do Kennedy Space Center tickets have an expiration date?

Your Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex ticket is valid for 120 days from the "Visit Date" you selected. If you are unsure of your visit date, please select the earliest possible date in your itinerary.

What does the single admission ticket at Kennedy Space Center include?

Admission tickets permit one entry to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and provide a second day free for use at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame if used within seven days of first use. How long should visitors plan to stay at KSC Visitor Complex? Kennedy Space Complex is a full-day experience, so plan on spending 6-8 hours.

Why is there a charge at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex?

The KSC Visitor Complex is not tax supported. It is self-sufficient, funded entirely through visitor revenues, and operated for NASA by Delaware North Park Services of Spaceport (DNPSS) as a commercially viable enterprise that enables the telling of the NASA story without cost to the taxpayer.

How much does parking cost?

There is a parking fee of $10.00 for automobiles/motorcycles and $15.00 for RV’s and trailers. Motorcoaches (Busses) and group transportation vans are free.

Is the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex wheelchair accessible?

Yes, it is. Many of our tour buses are also outfitted to accommodate wheelchairs. In addition, a separate van is available for people who require special assistance

Are wheelchairs and strollers available?

Guests can purchase an all day wheelchair or stroller rental: Stroller $5.00 + tax; Wheelchair $10.00 + tax. Guests can also bring their own stroller, but note that only umbrella strollers are allowed on the bus tours.

How much do the bus tours cost?

The bus tours are included with the price of admission.

How long are the bus tours?

The Kennedy Space Center Tour is self-guided and allows guests to spend as much time as they like at the LC 39 Observation Gantry and the Apollo/Saturn V Center. The average guest plans to spend two to two-and-a-half hours for the full tour. Departure times vary with thehours of operation. Be sure to check the Daily Schedule upon arrival to the Visitor Complex for departure and ending times.

Where can we find something to eat?

Early NASA astronauts squeezed food from toothpaste-like tubes, but at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex guests will fare much better. Orbit Café, G-Force Grill and Milky Way are just a few of the Visitor Complex's space-themed eateries featuring tasty dishes ranging from burgers and fries to salads. You can even have Lunch With an Astronaut. While enjoying a gourmet meal, guests will listen to a briefing from one of the few who has flown in space. Limited seating allows time for individual photos, autographs and/or the opportunity to take questions from participants.